Lian Li ARGB Strimer Plus Series (24-Pin)

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Addressable RGB extension cables. Multi-connector support MB 24PIN, GPU 8 PIN. Unparalleled RGB effects. Brighter and more complex light effects, premium build quality with a clean look, vibrant and smooth lighting quality. work better, last longer.

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If the power supply used for connecting STRIMER PLUS doesn’t supply the requisite 5V output voltage, the 5th brightness function may be affected and therefore cause a glitch when you switch between the lighting modes.


Please reduce the brightness of STRIMER PLUS when using all white light build or else unexpected damage may occur.

Do not use an ARGB splitter at the motherboard then connect to STRIMER PLUS controller, as interference may occur. If needed, please connect any other ARGB devices to the controller using the LED signal output cable.